Metrocomia originates from a Scandinavian-based network of companies. It was founded in Denmark in 1994 as one of the first web agencies in Scandinavia. A key characteristic about the company was the dual focus on Internet applications development and training services, and this created in 1999 the opportunity of starting the first joint venture project in East Africa together with local partners and Metrocomia Denmark

With years of experience and combined knowledge in the design and web development industry, our team has a competent range of skills and experiences to draw upon for any project. We have built an organisation whose core purpose is to deliver the very best in service for its clients and to exceed the expectations of its clients and that of their website customers.

Metrocomia has a clear focus on providing its clients with concise and prompt service no matter what their needs may be. We understand the importance of identity in today’s busy business world; we also understand that if you’re not being recognised that you’re not being noticed in the market place.

We are passionate about professional website design and app development. We strive to constantly learn, create and implement new methods of going about our work and pushing the development of web design. We pride ourselves on being innovative, adaptable and flexible in any situation.

Developing your business to take full advantage of the new digital technologies of the Internet and the Web is fast becoming one of the most crucial competitive edges any organisation can have in the corporate sector as well as for private organisations and public institutions.

Metrocomia East Africa is ready to serve your organisation in most aspects of the digital economy and its new technologies.